Sex: How to provoke female ejaculation!


Squirting in English can be extremely exciting and surprising if she has never done it before and you could become the best lover, she has known by using these simple techniques to turn her into a fountain woman. Squirting your girlfriend or your wife is not that hard when you understand the physiology of female ejaculation.

It is a common misconception that women who have never ejaculated before are unable to do so. It's just wrong. Unless there is an anatomical problem or sexual dysfunction, all women can secrete and possibly spit up levy in varying amounts. Here's a quick guide to female ejaculation so that your wife or girlfriend can discover the orgasm of her life.

What is female ejaculation?

When men think of "squirting," most of them believe that the girl is urinating. This is not true. Although it is a clear liquid, it is not urine even if in some cases, the liquid ejaculated during the "squirt" may contain traces of urine. This bright and slightly odorous liquid is neither pee nor vaginal secretions. The secretion is sometimes insufficient to be perceived, but in women fountains with very abundant ejaculation, the orgasm is accompanied by a real gushing, which can reach a volume of 50 or 100 ml.

When it reaches orgasm, liquid secretions are emitted by the Bartholin glands and more particularly by the Skene glands which are two small orifices to the left and right of the urinary meatus. The glands are gorged with a liquid that is expelled reflex during orgasm if the excitement is extreme. Before trying to squirt your female partner, there are some things you should be comfortable with.

When a girl squirts, there is a small chance that she can pee. Being comfortable with that is essential. Do not panic if she does a little pee. It's pretty standard for girls who have never ejaculated before. Make sure she knows that you agree with that if that happens. If she is nervous, she will not be able to relax, and she will not be able to ejaculate. To experience female ejaculation, the mind counts enormously, and this peculiarity can be felt like a brake or embarrassment by some women.

The preliminaries

Before you even try to squirt your girlfriend, you must make sure she is ready. To put her at ease and be in the right frame of mind, you have to start with a lot of foreplay. Fingering a girl without her being ready is never recommended.

Give her lots of kisses and hugs so she can get wet enough before she starts to finger her. Suck her breasts and nipples as you slide your fingers up and down on the inside of her thighs. When she begins to breathe harder, you will be able to tell if she is ready so that you can start touching her vagina. Again, do not go directly inside her vagina. Play a little with her clitoris and stroke the vaginal lips with your fingers so that it is ready and wet.

The G-spot

G-spot is going to be the primary way to cause ejaculation in a girl. Many women are so in harmony with their bodies that they can ejaculate by merely touching their breasts or clitoris. However, most women will not be able to ejaculate unless they are stimulated manually through their G-spot. If their pubococcygeal muscles (PC muscles) are active and tonic, there are also more chances she gets ejaculation when the perineum is subject to spasms of female orgasm.

If you have difficulty finding the G-spot, you can read our article that explains how to find and stimulate the female G-spot. Insert your fingers into your woman's vagina, with the palm of your hand up. Point G is located on the anterior part of the vagina at about 4 centimeters thick. G-spot is a very fleshy and textured place that you should be able to feel with your fingers. As soon as you touch it, you should see your girlfriend squirm a little.

Make her squirt

Female Ejaculation Now that you've managed to find her G point, it's time to start squirting. Start bending the last two knuckles of your fingers as if you were telling someone to "come here." She should moan with pleasure. If you start to feel that point G is swelling up and getting firm, you are doing a good job. Increase the pressure on its G point and start going a little faster.

Take your other hand and press down on the area at the bottom of her belly, called "Mount of Venus." This will create more pressure on this place and increase its excitement. Listen to his instructions. If she tells you to go faster, do it. If your partner says you that she feels she is going to pee, tell her that it is normal and that she can let herself go. In a few minutes, she should start to ejaculate. You may see a small jet or a strong spurt of liquid coming out of her vagina.